The widespread deployment of multicore-based computer systems over the last decade has brought about drastic changes in the software and hardware landscape. However, most undergraduate computer science (CS) curricula have not embraced the pervasiveness of parallel computing. In their first years, CS undergraduates are typically exclusively trained to think and program sequentially. However, too firm a root in sequential thinking can be a non-trivial barrier for parallel thinking and computing. Thus, there is an urgent need to teach multicore and parallel computing concepts earlier and often in CS programs.

This project addresses the rapidly widening gap between highly parallel computer architectures and the sequential programming approach taught in traditional CS courses. It proposes to systematically integrate parallel computing into current undergraduate curricula. Specifically, its goals are to develop course modules and projects for introducing parallel computing concepts in several early computer science courses, to design an upper-level multicore programming course that serves as a capstone for parallel computing concepts, and to promote this model by making all relevant material freely available.


Jun '15: Qasem speaks at HPC Workshop at Prairiw View A & M

Oct '14: Paper accepted at SIGCSE15

Oct '14: Short paper accepted at EduHPC14 (co-located with SC14)

Aug '14: First regional workshop held at Texas State

May '14: Call for participation in first regional workshop

Mar '14: Qasem serves as penelist in SIGCSE special session on PDC

Nov '13: Poster presented at Supercomputing conference

Sep '13: Paper accepted at EduPDHPC13

Aug '13: Qasem participates in CSinParallel Four Corners Workshop

Jul '13: Qasem receives Early Adopter grant

Mar '13: Qasem presents at NSF Showcase at SIGCSE13

Jan '13: Five new modules implemented

Aug '12: Burtscher receives Early Adopter grant


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